Biographical Information:

Dennis E. Bolen is a novelist, editor, teacher and journalist, first published in 1975 (Canadian Fiction Magazine). He holds a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria (1977) and an MFA (Writing) from the University of British Columbia (1989), and taught introductory Creative Writing at UBC from 1995 to 1997.

In 1989 Mr. Bolen helped establish the international literary journal sub-TERRAIN, and served there as fiction editor for ten years. He has acted as a community editorial board member of The Vancouver Sun newspaper, and on the boards of a literacy advocacy organization, a literary collective and a theatre company and has written criticism, social commentary, arts advocacy and editorial opinion for numerous journals and newspapers in Canada.

Major Publications:

Anticipated Results, linked short fiction, Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, 2011.
Kaspoit!, novel, Anvil Press, Vancouver, 2009.
Toy Gun, novel, Anvil Press, Vancouver, 2005.
Gas Tank and Other Stories, short fiction, Anvil Press, Vancouver, 1998.
Krekshuns,  novel, Random House, Toronto, 1997.
Stand In Hell, novel, Random House, Toronto, 1995.
Stupid Crimes (revised), novel, Vintage, Toronto, 1995.
Stupid Crimes, novel, Anvil Press, Vancouver, 1992.